Why our shifters ?


Our shifters have been studied on many original type vehicles
(The year of your frame may be required because of changes to the constructor (sometimes subtle) were made during their years of manufacture)
Many others shifters manufacturers do not take into account these subtleties (whitch does not provide a perfect comfort when shifting)

Our shifters have a short shift, about 50% shorter than the origin

Our shifters have a very accurate reporting (you know you are well engaged in the chosen report)

Our shifters are highter : about 10 cm more than the origin (lever closer to the steering wheel, and with short passages : no need to bend over to look for forward speeds)


Our shifters are made mainly with noble materials, parts are machined or laser cut (no casting)
Our shifters are robust, mounted and adjusted with virtually no play
Consult the technical sheet in the presentation of the chosen shifter

Our shifters can be easily mounted and adjusted : YES really !!
Supplied assembly instructions

You can configure our shifters to your image
(3 shifter colors, 18 bellows colors, wide choice of knobs and possibilty to customize tho logo)

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